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 “HOLLYWOOD LATE NIGHT WITH ROCCO” is fun and exhilarating as soon as  Rob Marrocco, aka "Rocco" opens up his microphone to welcome his Co-host "Jurassic Jen" Durst, and “One Man Band”, Ben Namnoum! This show will keep you on the edge of your seat—anticipating Rocco’s next move, or maybe even a RING OF THE DOORBELL. There’s always a “SPECIAL GUEST” in addition to other interesting characters who might stop by. You can WATCH and CHAT with us “LIVE”…right here, we encourage it! You’ll take part in segments such as, “Make it, Or Break it”, “Jurassic Selfie’s”, “Craigslist Catch of the Day”, “What Stars are Thinking”, “Sound Bytes By Sunshine”, and also enjoy SPECIAL guest appearances by Aggro Joe, Vinny Fixerelli, Rocco's Trainer, or one of the many FUNNY characters that live in Rocco's World! That’s not it! You’ll also enjoy the musical stylings by “Frog At Whiskey” and company! 

Celebrities, Comedians, Sports Figures, Musical Acts, "Jurassic Jen", "Ben the One Man Band", and, "ROCCO", what else could you want?!


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